Project: Kelvin Heights House

Gross Area: 344m²

Year: Current

Status: Current

Role: Concept design

Kelvin Heights House

The design brief is to create a spacious and contemporary residential home and to maximize views towards Lake Wakatipu and the mountain ranges beyond. The proposed house sits harmoniously within the existing terrain which is on a relatively mild slope.

The living area is located on Level 1 (upper storey) to maximize views towards the lake and mountains. From the lounge upstairs, one can also view the mezzanine space below. The house consists of a mezzanine level which floats above the existing ground level and overlooks a natural pond nearby within the property. The open plan kitchen/ dining area is located on the mezzanine floor. 

The house with its north facing orientation has its common and living areas located towards the north and building elongated on an east-west axis to maximize daylighting for passive solar heating. Interior spaces requiring the most light and heating is located along the north face of the building. Less used spaces are located on the south. An open floor plan optimizes passive system operation.