Project: Chisbury Terrace House

Gross Area: 375m²

Year: 2018

Status: Building Consent approved

Role: Concept design through to approved Building Consent

Chisbury Terrace House

The design brief is an alterations and additions to existing house to maximise space while maintaining the house building footprint, maximize the waterfront views towards Tamaki Straits and natural daylighting, allow good indoor-outdoor flow, and to create a sustainable and energy efficient design using solar energy for the house power, pool and spa heating. The owner's objective is to convert the existing 80s home into a contemporary design home for their family. 

Due to the height restrictions upstairs in the loft, the existing roof and loft floor are removed for a new roof and upper storey. This will allow for more spacious design and additional lounge upstairs with comfortable ceiling height for occupants. Alterations to existing ground floor will create a more spacious, open-plan living/ kitchen/ dining area. 

A new garden pavilion beside the existing pool shall house the pool bar/ kitchenette for family and guests entertainment at the poolside. 

Located on an elevated site, the house has great views towards the waterfront of East Tamaki and the surrounding rolling hills of the countryside from both ground floor level and Level 1 upstairs. With the conversion of the loft into a new upper storey, this enhances the quality of living for the family.