Project: Busan Opera House proposal

Gross Area: -

Year: 2011

Status: Nominated for AAA Cavalier Bremworth Unbuilt Architecture Awards 2011 – Open Conceptual category

Role: Design collaboration with Superlight ApS, Copenhagen

Busan Opera House proposal

The project is a design proposal for an international design competition for the Busan Opera House in 2011. The site is in the marine cultural region inside the re-development district in the northern seaport, Junggu, Busan, Korea. The site area for competition is 34,928m2 out of the marine culture district’s total area of 137,640m2. 

Busan Opera House embodies the cultural essence of Korea. Korea is considered the Land of Drums. Korean drum music is well known for its indigenous rhythms and beats that are filled with spirit. The design proposal for Busan Opera House evolved from the translation of traditional Korean music into architecture, which led to a multi-faceted architecture of the Opera House. The building carries the drum-beat of the land.

The proposed Opera House houses an Operatic Theatre and Multi-purpose Theatre, as well as rehearsal and office space. The building includes ancillary facilities for conventions, banquets, exhibition space, shopping, restaurants, cafeterias, an outdoor theatre and an event plaza. 

The building sits elevated amongst the lush gardens of a flexible multi-purpose park, providing excellent views to the waterfront and the cityscape.